9th International Dendrimer Symposium UQAM


9th International Dendrimer Conference

Montreal, Qc, Canada

July 12-17, 2015

Hôtel Le Centre Sheraton – Montréal

IDS9 Symposium Information

Dendrimers are monodisperse nanometric molecular architectures with multiple branches exhibiting high number of surface functionality that are finding widespread applications in nanomaterial sciences. The field has been pioneered independently by three great scientists: Prof. Fritz Vögtle from Germany in 1978 (cascade molecules) and soon after in 1985 by Dr. Donald Tomalia Michigan, USA (dendrimers) and Prof. George Newkome now at Akron, Ohio (arborols).

The International Dendrimer Symposia are held every second year. They are dedicated to get scientists involved in nanomaterial research meet and present their most recent advances in the design, applications, and sharing of their works to the broadest research communities. Dendrimers and hyperbranched polymer are finding applications in nanomedicine, physics, drug delivery, vaccines, anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents, light harvesting, energy, and gene transfection. They have have also found applications in environmental research where they can be used to remove air pollutants and waste water clean-up.

Historic view

Previous IDS and chairs:

Many thankful appreciations to the previous Chairs of IDS:

  • Fritz Vögtle, Frankfurt, Germany, 1999 – IDS1
  • Takuzo Aida, Tokyo, Japan, 2001 – IDS2
  • Dieter Schlüter, Berlin, Germany 2003 – IDS3
  • Donald Tomalia, Mt-Pleasant, Michigan, USA, 2005 –IDS4
  • Jean-Pierre Majoral & Anne-Marie Caminade, Toulouse, France, 2007 – IDS5
  • Eva Malmström and colleagues, Stockholm, Sweden, 2009, IDS6
  • Anil Patri, Maryland, Washington DC, 2011 –IDS7
  • Ma Angeles Muñoz-Fernandez, Madrid, Spain, 2013 – IDS8


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